What is Battery Energy Storage System and What Does it Do?

The lithium-ion battery system by EVE Energy Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as EVE) is an industry-leading energy storage solution that can scale with your needs. Let us take BR-8-1228.8/280-L Liquid Cooling Battery Rack for example, this liquid cooling battery rack has 8 battery packs, a nominal voltage of 1228.8V, and a nominal capacity of 280Ah along with a cooling system, thus gaining the model’s name.

Constructed and made to be durable, this battery energy storage system is built to withstand some unfavored weather conditions. This battery rack can operate at varying temperatures from -20˚C to 55˚C (specifically, the operating temperature for charging ranges from 0˚C to 55 ˚C, while discharging from -20˚C to 55 ˚C). In extreme heat, you can be confident that the proper temperature level is maintained due to the built-in liquid cooling system.

The lithium-ion battery rack is designed to allow the system to be transported and hoisted for easy movement and installation. This battery storage rack is the right-sized solution for your use case due to its modular design.

This battery energy storage system is popular with clients who need to store energy due to its features and benefits.

The Main Features of EVE’s Battery Energy Storage System