Are you looking for a high-energy density battery that can also charge quickly and safely? The EVE 18650 26V battery could be the one for you! With a capacity of 2550mAh and a voltage of 26V, this battery is ideal for high-power applications such as drones and electric vehicles. Our quality warranty and straightforward customer service also guarantee it. Read on to know why you should invest in EVE 18650 26V battery!

About 18650 26V battery

A 18650 26V battery is a popular type of rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Because 18650 26V batteries have a high energy density and can be charged quickly, they are frequently used in many applicaitons such as sweeping robots, cleaners, e-scooters, balance cars, electric two-wheelers etc.

EVE 18650 Battery Specifications

According to EVE's Laboratory, EVE 18650 26V Battery is an electric car battery with features of high-energy density, excellent safety, and fast charging. With a maximum charge current of 2500mA and standard discharge current of 500mA, it's perfect for powering up your devices on-the-go. The battery is 65.00mm in height, 18.35mm in width, and weighs 45g, which makes it fit snugly into many devices without compromising space or portability. A protective circuit prevents overcharging and provides automatic shutdown in the event of a short circuit in the battery.

Excellent After-sales Service

We have a team of experts to guarantee the quality of lithium batteries and excellent teams to provide 7*24hours service for you. If you have problems with your EVE 18650 26V batteries, you can ask our after sales team to address your difficulties!


The EVE 18650 26V battery is a high-quality, high-energy density battery with unrivaled safety and charging properties. It's ideal for usage in high-powered gadgets like drones and electric vehicles. You can quickly recharge this battery at home or at the workplace, thanks to its fast charging features. The EVE 18650 26V is a terrific option to consider if you are seeking an outstanding battery that will satisfy your needs.