Why Li-Battery Powers Your Smart Gas Meter Economically

In the age of smart technology, the utility sector has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the introduction of smart gas meters. These cutting-edge devices enable accurate meter readings, real-time data monitoring, and seamless communication with utility providers. At EVE Energy Co. Ltd., we take immense pride in offering the EVE ER14505 3.6V battery – a powerful and economical energy solution for powering your smart gas meter. In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why Li-battery is the ideal choice for smart gas meters, focusing on the EVE ER14505 as the recommended power source.

Long-lasting Performance

For efficient gas metering, a reliable and long-lasting power source is crucial. The EVE ER14505 battery boasts a high capacity of 2700mAh, ensuring prolonged power supply to your smart gas meter. This longevity significantly reduces the frequency of battery replacements, translating to cost savings and minimal disruptions in meter functionality.

Cost-effective and Low Maintenance

Smart gas meters integrated with Li-batteries, like the EVE ER14505, are an economical choice in the long run. Li-batteries have a superior energy-to-weight ratio, offering more power in a smaller package. This high energy density contributes to reduced material usage, making them cost-effective and environment-friendly. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements minimize operational costs over the battery's lifetime.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Smart gas meters are often installed outdoors, exposed to varying weather conditions. The EVE ER14505 battery's impressive operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C ensures consistent performance in extreme temperatures. This durability guarantees that your smart gas meter remains operational year-round, regardless of seasonal changes.

Enhanced Data Collection and Communication

Smart gas meters rely on continuous data collection and communication with utility providers. The EVE ER14505 battery's low self-discharge rate, less than 1% after a year in storage, ensures reliable data transmission and uninterrupted communication. This feature streamlines meter reading and facilitates efficient billing processes, leading to enhanced utility management.

Certifications for Safety and Reliability

We understand that safety is paramount in utility applications. The EVE ER14505 battery holds essential certifications, including UN38.3 and UL, confirming compliance with stringent safety standards. Choosing our battery assures safe and reliable power supply for your smart gas meter, offering peace of mind to both consumers and utility providers.


Li-battery technology has proven to be a game-changer in powering smart gas meters, offering a cost-effective and efficient energy solution. The EVE ER14505 3.6V battery, with its long-lasting performance, low maintenance requirements, wide temperature tolerance, and certifications for safety, stands as an exemplary choice for smart gas meters. Embracing the power of EVE ER14505 not only elevates the functionality of your smart gas meter but also contributes to sustainable and economical utility management. Together, let's embrace innovation and take a step towards a smarter and more efficient future in the realm of gas metering.