It is common knowledge that products and technologies that depend on battery power absolutely cannot function without batteries, and this is particularly true for electronic devices that run only on battery power. However, what are the most important particulars about the EVE ER14250 lithium battery? This article will provide a rundown of all of the essential details pertaining to this battery that you need to be aware of, such as its technical specs, an explanation of how it operates, and the possible outcomes that might result from inappropriate use of the battery. Therefore, make sure that you continue reading to learn all that you need to know about this essential battery!

What Exactly is the ER14250 3.6V Lithium Battery and How Does It Work?

Traditional lithium-ion batteries are being replaced with a newer, more modern form of lithium-ion battery called the ER14250 lithium battery 3.6V, which has the potential to live longer and be more powerful than its predecessors. It improves the performance of the equipment that make use of it, such as electronic meters that are smart and electronics found in automobiles. Because it has a bigger capacity than most other kinds of lithium-ion batteries, the ER14250 is an excellent choice for powering larger electronic gadgets.

Information Regarding the Lithium-Ion Battery Model ER14250

AMR utility metering (electricity, gas, water, and heat meter) and other applications that demand high amounts of power and lengthy runtime are good candidates for the ER14250 lithium battery, which is a popular option. The battery has a variety of advantages, including a high energy density despite its low weight and reliable functioning even when subjected to high temperatures.

The lithium battery with model number ER14250 has a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts and has the ability to provide up to 1.2 ampere-hours. It is crafted using a one-of-a-kind cell design that has a proprietary status and boosts overall performance and dependability. In addition to this, the battery has an inbuilt thermal management system that assists in maximizing the rate at which heat is dissipated while it is being used extensively.

The ER14250 lithium battery has a broad temperature range of operation, which goes from -55 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius, and this was done so that it would be compatible with a variety of applications. It is also appropriate for use in devices that need both a high power output and a long runtime, such as automotive electronics, AMR utility metering, Alarms and wireless security systems, Mobile asset tracking, GPS Tracking, and RFID.


When it comes to the distribution of lithium batteries, EVE is the most trusted name in the business. The EVE ER14250 lithium battery 3.6V is rapidly gaining popularity and is soon becoming one of the kinds of battery cells that is in high demand and most extensively utilized on the market right now. They are the optimal option for a very broad range of different applications due to the fact that they provide such a good balance between the cost and the performance that they provide. If you need to make a substantial buy of batteries that are trustworthy and will last for a long time, the ER14250 lithium battery 3.6V is the way to go. You can't go wrong with this option.