The Power of Patience: Low Self-Discharge Rate, the Hallmark of a Quality Battery

In a world that relies heavily on portable electronics and smart devices, batteries have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether powering smartphones, smart water meters, or other essential gadgets, battery performance is a critical factor. At EVE Energy Co. Ltd., we understand the significance of a good battery, exemplified by our renowned EVE ER14505 battery. In this blog, we will explore the importance of a low self-discharge rate as a key indicator of battery quality, with the EVE ER14505 setting a new benchmark with its remarkable less-than-1% self-discharge rate even after a year in storage.

What is Self-Discharge Rate?

Before diving into the significance of a low self-discharge rate, it is essential to understand the concept. Self-discharge refers to the natural loss of a battery's charge over time, even when not in use. All batteries experience self-discharge to some extent, but the rate varies among different battery types and brands.

The Role of Self-Discharge in Battery Performance

A battery's self-discharge rate directly impacts its shelf life and overall performance. Batteries with high self-discharge rates tend to lose their charge quickly, leading to reduced capacity and performance even before they are put to use. This can be a major inconvenience for users who expect their devices to be ready whenever needed.

Low Self-Discharge, Prolonged Shelf Life

A low self-discharge rate is a key characteristic of a quality battery. Batteries like our EVE ER14505 exhibit impressively low self-discharge rates of less than 1% even after a year of storage. This means that when you store these batteries for extended periods, you can rely on them to retain a substantial portion of their charge, ensuring they are ready to power your devices when required.

Enhanced Reliability and Convenience

Batteries with low self-discharge rates provide enhanced reliability and convenience to users. You can confidently store EVE ER14505 batteries as backups for emergencies, knowing they will be in top condition when the need arises. Whether you keep them as spare batteries for your electronic gadgets or as power sources for smart water meters, low self-discharge batteries ensure peace of mind and optimal performance.

Environmentally Friendly

Low self-discharge batteries contribute to environmental sustainability. With their extended shelf life, they reduce the need for frequent replacements, leading to less battery waste. Choosing batteries with low self-discharge rates aligns with eco-conscious practices, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting a greener future.


In the realm of battery performance, a low self-discharge rate shines as a crucial indicator of quality. As seen with the EVE ER14505 battery, its remarkable less-than-1% self-discharge rate after a year in storage at 20 degrees exemplifies the pursuit of excellence at EVE Energy Co. Ltd. By selecting batteries with low self-discharge rates, such as our EVE ER14505, you can expect prolonged shelf life, enhanced reliability, and reduced environmental impact. At EVE, we remain committed to providing cutting-edge battery solutions that elevate your everyday experiences and empower a sustainable future.