Requirements for Smart Water Meter Batteries - Introducing EVE ER14505

In the age of smart technology and sustainable living, the demand for efficient and reliable smart water meters is on the rise. To ensure seamless operation and accurate data collection, the choice of battery for these smart devices is crucial. EVE Energy Co. Ltd.'s ER14505 battery emerges as an exceptional solution, meeting the requirements of smart water meters and delivering optimal performance. In this blog, we will explore the key requirements for batteries used in smart water meters and shed light on how the EVE ER14505 battery excels in this domain.

High Capacity and Voltage Stability

Smart water meters require batteries with ample capacity to sustain continuous operation for extended periods. The EVE ER14505 battery boasts a nominal capacity of 2700mAh and a stable nominal voltage of 3.6V, making it a perfect fit for smart water meters that demand reliable and long-lasting power sources.

Lightweight and Compact Design

Smart water meters are often compact and installed in tight spaces, necessitating batteries with a small footprint. The lightweight design of the ER14505 battery, weighing just 19g, and its compact volume of 8.4 cm^3, ensures easy integration into smart water meter devices without compromising functionality or adding unnecessary bulk.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Outdoor installations and varying climatic conditions demand batteries with a wide operating temperature range. The EVE ER14505 battery excels in this aspect, with an impressive operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C. This resilience allows smart water meters to function efficiently in extreme weather conditions, from scorching summers to freezing winters.

Durability and Longevity

Smart water meters are expected to have a prolonged service life to minimize maintenance efforts and ensure uninterrupted water usage monitoring. The EVE ER14505 battery, built with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, guarantees exceptional durability and a long lifespan, enabling reliable and uninterrupted operation.

Consistent Performance and Reliability

Accuracy is critical in smart water meters to ensure precise data collection and billing. The ER14505 battery maintains a stable output voltage throughout its lifespan, ensuring consistent performance and reliable data readings for water consumption tracking and analysis.


Selecting the right battery for smart water meters is essential to ensure seamless operation, data accuracy, and a long service life. The EVE ER14505 battery checks all the boxes, with its high capacity, stable voltage, lightweight design, wide operating temperature range, and exceptional durability. Whether it's for residential or industrial applications, the ER14505 battery's superior performance guarantees the smooth functioning of smart water meters and contributes to sustainable water usage management. With EVE Energy Co. Ltd.'s commitment to excellence and innovation, the ER14505 battery sets a benchmark for powering the future of smart water meter technology.