LiFePO4 100Ah Prismatic Battery Cells From EVE Applied Are Used In A New Energy Bus.

The introduction of EVE's LiFePO4 100Ah prismatic battery cells in a new energy bus has been announced. The new bus is made to offer a productive, adaptable platform for incorporating renewable energy sources into the electrical grid.


For modern electric vehicles, the best performance is provided by LiFePO 100Ah prismatic battery cells. This gives electric vehicles a huge performance and range advantage over other kinds of vehicles.

Due to its extremely low self-discharge rates, the LiFePO 100Ah prismatic battery cell is perfect for long-term storage in an EV energy bus. As a result, you won't ever have to be concerned about losing electricity in an emergency or crisis.

Overall, because it provides good performance and long life, the LiFePO 100Ah prismatic battery cell is a superb choice for electric vehicles. It is ideal for usage in buses and other large electric vehicles with high power requirements.

advantages of 100Ah prismatic LiFePO battery cells

Compared to conventional battery cells, LiFePO 100Ah prismatic battery cells have the following advantages:

LiFePO4 cells don't emit any emissions that contribute to climate change, therefore they have fewer negative environmental effects.

-Increased safety: Due to their lack of flammability and explosive potential, LiFePO4 batteries are safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

-Longer life: Compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries, LiFePO4 batteries can live up to ten times longer.

LiFePO4 applications in new energy buses

A brand-new energy storage technology called LiFePO4 has the power to completely alter how we utilize electricity. New energy buses can use LiFePO4 for a variety of purposes, such as backup power, electronic component powering, and long-term energy storage.


LiFePO 100Ah prismatic battery cells have the potential to rank among the best-selling batteries on the market due to their capacity to store enormous amounts of energy. To learn more, go visit the EVE website!