Li-iron phosphate battery application in the field of household energy storage

In recent years, the field of household energy storage has attracted increasing attention from both academic and industrial communities. One potential application of household energy storage systems is to provide backup power for critical devices in the home, such as appliances and lighting.

What is a Li-iron phosphate battery?

Li-iron phosphate battery is a novel type of rechargeable battery that uses iron phosphate as the primary cell material. Li-iron phosphate batteries have certain advantages over other types of rechargeable batteries, including their high energy density and ability to maintain a high charge even after repeated discharge and recharge cycles.


 Li-iron phosphate batteries are being developed as a potential replacement for traditional lithium-ion batteries in applications where high energy density and long battery lifetimes are desirable, such as electric vehicles, portable electronic devices, and smart grid infrastructure.

Features of EVE Li-iron phosphate batteries

Automated: Automated production

Ultra-Safw: Explosion-proof /No leakage

Stable: Low IR / High CR / Dicharge Steadily

CustomizedCustom-made: Customer Demand Customization

Super Long: Ultra-long life cycle

EnvironmentallyFriendly: Passed environmental system certification

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