Introducing The ER1425 Lithium Battery 3.6V

The new 3.6V ER14250 lithium battery has benn designed with extreme performance and reliability in mind. It is meant for applications such as smart meters, water meters, data backup power supplies, smoke alarms, temperature monitors, positioning devices, tire pressure monitoring systems, ETC (electronica toll collection ), automated meter reading, wireless communications, etc.

What is an ER14250 3.6V lithium battery?

The ER14250 3.6V lithium battery has a capacity of 1200mAh and can be used in devices that require a Li-ion battery such as smart meters.

Benefits of using the ER14250 3.6V lithium battery

The ER14250 lithium battery is a new 3.6V lithium battery that delivers a higher energy density than traditional chemistries, making it the perfect choice for many devices. The ER14250 3.6V lithium battery also features excellent safety, reliability, and storage characteristics.

ER14250 3.6V lithium battery is made of high-quality materials and has high safety performance. This means you can trust this battery to provide the reliability you need when powering your devices.

How to choose the right ER14250 lithium battery for your needs?

If any dealers are looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective replacement for alkaline batteries, the ER14250 lithium battery is a great choice. Here are some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs.

First, determine your intended application. This will help determine the size and type of ER14250 lithium battery that is best suited for your needs.

Next, consider the weight and dimensions of your device. This will help you choose a battery that has the appropriate dimensions and weight to fit your equipment.

Finally, consider budget and life cycle considerations when choosing an ER14250 lithium battery.


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