Introducing EVE LF105 - Roaring Towards a Greener Tomorrow!

Picture this: a world where energy flows sustainably, where our vehicles run on clean power, and where homes are powered by eco-friendly sources. Welcome to the future, the mighty EVE LF105 – is leading the charge towards a greener and cleaner world!

A Roaring Capacity: 105Ah

Meet the roaring powerhouse of the battery world! With a Nominal Capacity of a whopping 105Ah, this LiFePO4 rechargeable battery is ready to carry the weight of your energy demands with ease. Say goodbye to frequent charging, and embrace long-lasting energy that keeps you powered up for the long haul.

Charged Up and Raring to Go!

Charging has never been this fast and efficient! With a Nominal Voltage of 3.2V and a Charging Cut-off Voltage of 3.65V, this battery can charge up like a lightning bolt, ready to unleash its energy when you need it most. Bid farewell to those lengthy charging sessions and embrace the power at your fingertips.

A Lightweight Giant: 1980g

Don't be fooled by its mighty performance – this battery is a lightweight giant, weighing in at just 1980 grams. This means it's easy to transport and integrate into various energy applications. From e-trucks to household energy storage systems, it is ready to embark on any green adventure!

The Endurance of a Fossil

Fossils may be a thing of the past, but EVE LF105 is a modern marvel built to endure. With a Cycle Life of 4000 Cycles, it's like having a battery fossil that never goes extinct! Embrace the future of energy with a battery that's in it for the long run.

Applications Galore: From NEVs to Smart Cities

EVE LF105 isn't just a one-trick dinosaur – it's a versatile beast that powers an array of applications. From electrifying NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) to creating smart cities that run on renewable energy, this battery stands tall, ready to conquer the energy landscape.

Unleash the EVE LF105 and Embrace a Sustainable Future!

It's time to leave fossil fuels in the past and embrace the future with EVE LF105. With this LiFePO4 rechargeable battery by your side, you'll be roaring with delight as you power your life with renewable energy and contribute to a cleaner planet. So, don't wait! Unleash the power and let it roam free in your energy landscape. EVE LF105 is the key to a greener, brighter tomorrow. Join the movement and power your world with efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness. Join the Roar for a Greener World with EVE LF105!