EVE's New Cylindrical Lithium-ion Cells Are More Energy Efficient

EVE's new cylindrical Lithium-ion cells are more energy efficient than the current flat-pack cells. The cells have a higher energy density and a new manufacturing process that makes them more manufacturable.

What are cylindrical Lithium-ion cells?

Cylindrical lithium-ion cells, also called pouch cells or pouch pack cells, are a new type of battery designed for energy storage and delivery. They are made from multiple stacked cylindrical cells and are more energy efficient than traditional batteries.

Pouch cells can be used in electric vehicles, appliances, and other devices that need long-term energy storage. They can also be used to store intermittent renewable energy like solar or wind power.

Pouch cells have several advantages over traditional batteries. They are smaller and lighter, which makes them easier to carry and install. They also have a higher capacity than traditional batteries, which means they can hold more energy for longer periods.

How are cylindrical Lithium-ion cells more energy efficient than traditional lithium-ion cells?

One reason why the new cylindrical lithium-ion cells are more energy efficient is that they use less material. Each cell in a traditional battery is made up of an aluminum case and a Lithium-ion battery cell. The new cylindrical lithium-ion cells use a polymer instead of aluminum, which makes them much lighter and reduces the amount of space required for the battery.

Another advantage of the new cylindrical lithium-ion cells is their ability to handle high voltages. Traditional lithium-ion batteries only can handle voltages up to around 3 volts, but the new cylindrical lithium-ion cells can handle voltages as high as 12 volts. This makes them ideal for applications that require a lot of power, such as electric vehicles and drones.


Since the inception of EVE batteries, our team has been dedicated to creating the most efficient and durable cells possible. With our latest cylindrical lithium-ion cells, we have truly reached a new level of energy efficiency. Be sure to check out EVE - the leading choice in energy storage solutions!