AMR (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) is a project that will create a nationwide network of smart meters to improve energy management and reduce energy waste. Automated meter reading (AMR) utility metering is swiftly elevating to the status of becoming a crucial component of global energy management. Power companies are constantly seeking methods to streamline their operations, and one element that makes this possible is the battery used in AMR systems. The EVE ER34615 Battery is an ideal energy supply solution for AMR Utility Metering because it can provide backup power for smart meters in the event of a power outage.

What is the EVE ER34615 Battery?

The EVE ER34615 Battery is a high specific energy density, 3.6V 19Ah lithium-ion battery designed for use in utility metering applications. It features a low self-discharge rate and a long life expectancy, making it an ideal energy supply solution for AMR utility metering.

The EVE ER34615 Battery is commonly used in conjunction with the EVE PM1505 Power Management Module to provide consistent power to utility meters. By regulating the battery's power output, it can ensure that meters remain operational during periods of low solar or wind energy availability. The module also monitors the health of the battery, providing real-time notifications should there be any issues.

Applications of the EVE ER34615 Battery

The EVE ER 34615 battery is a cutting-edge, high-performance energy storage technology that has been developed to assist utilities in keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for electric power. During times of peak demand, the EVE ER 34615 battery can be utilized to assist in stabilizing the grid and provide backup power for essential applications like metering and load shedding. It can also be used to provide backup power for vital applications like load shedding.


The EVE ER34615 battery is a great option for utility metering because it provides an ideal energy supply solution. This battery can be discharged quickly to provide short-term power when needed, but it also has the ability to store enough power to meet long-term demand. If you are looking for an energy storage solution that can help you meet your needs, the EVE ER34615 battery is a great option to consider.