Are you looking for a high energy density battery that is also safe and fast charging? EVE 18650 26V may be the battery for you! With a capacity of 2600mAh and a voltage of 26V, this battery is perfect for high power applications like drones, RC cars and more. Plus, it's backed by our quality warranty and our easy to use customer service.

What is an 18650 battery?

An 18650 battery is a lithium ion battery that has a capacity of 18,000mAh or more. They are often found in portable devices, such as sweeping robots and vaccum cleaner, because they have a high energy density and can be charged quickly.

Features of the EVE 18650 Battery

EVE 18650 Battery is a high energy density, high safety, and fast charging battery designed for use in electric vehicles. It has an impressive capacity of 85 amp-hours and can be charged up to 50% in just 30 minutes using the EVE Quick Charge 3.0 standard. The battery also features a protection circuit that prevents overcharging and provides automatic shutdown in the event of a short circuit.

Specifications of the EVE 18650 Battery

EVE V features a high energy density and high safety. It is capable of fast charging.

The battery is 65.00mm hight and 18.35mm wide and weights 45g.

After-sale service we offer

EVE power has established 7*24hours for you, 24hProvide solutions to common problems within 24 hours, 15minService response within 15 minutes of the working time, 72hProvide solutions to difficult problems within 72 hours, 2hService response within 2 hours of the non-working time.


The EVE 18650 26V is a high-quality, high-energy density battery that offers unbeatable safety and charging characteristics. It is perfect for use in high-power devices, such as drones and electric vehicles. Thanks to its fast charging capabilities, you can rapidly recharge this battery at home or in the office. If you are looking for an excellent battery that will meet your needs, the EVE 18650 26V is a great option to consider.