Advanced Li-SOCl2 Battery Reading Capability and Performance

The great energy density and long lifespan of

Li-SOCl2 batteries have led to their widespread adoption in modern electronic

devices. EVE is responsible for the development of the

ER34615 Li-SOCl2 battery, which is significant due to its large capacity, low

rate of self-discharge, and ability to withstand a wide temperature range. In

this piece, we will examine the ER34615 within the framework of AMR utility

metering and compare it to other batteries that are currently available on the


A Review of EVE's ER34615

The EVE ER34615 Li-SOCl2 battery stands out from other batteries

on the market due to its large capacity, low rate of self-discharge, and flexibility

to a wide range of temperature settings. Because it has a capacity of 19000mAh,

the ER34615 outperforms other batteries available on the market in terms of

both its longevity and the amount of power it can deliver. The ER34615 has a

rate of self-discharge that is significantly lower than that of many other

batteries; as a result, its charge remains rather consistent even after the

battery has been inactive for a lengthy amount of time. As a consequence of

this, its implementation in systems that require a steady supply of power, such

as AMR utility meters and remote monitoring systems, comes highly recommended.

In addition, EVE's ER34615 can operate in

temperatures ranging from -55 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius, which

makes it excellent for use in challenging environments. Because of this, the

battery is able to continue functioning normally even when exposed to

conditions of high temperature and high humidity, such as those that would be

found in an industrial or outdoor setting. Because of its low weight and

compact size, the ER34615 is an excellent option for applications that require


Application: Batteries made of Li-SOCl2 for Use

in Automatic Meter Reading

Utilizing AMR (Automated Meter Reading) utility

meters allows for the monitoring and tracking of a variety of utilities,

including water, gas, and electricity, amongst others. In order to provide

these meters with a reliable source of power that is also capable of

withstanding extended use, Li-SOCl2 batteries are used. Due to the high energy

density and long lifespan of Li-SOCl2 batteries, they are ideally suited for

use in AMR utility meters. This is because these batteries are able to give a

consistent amount of power over extended periods of time.

For instance, the Li-SOCl2 ER34615 battery that

is offered by EVE is an excellent choice for application in AMR utility meters.

Because of its enormous capacity, low self-discharge rate, and ability to

withstand high temperatures, the ER34615 is an excellent choice for powering meters

for extended periods of time at a time. Because of this, it is the best choice

for utility businesses that want to save money on repairs and replacements

without jeopardizing the accuracy of their meter readings. Consequently, it is

the finest alternative for utility companies.


Li-SOCl2 batteries, due to their dependability

and performance, are a good choice when it comes to the provision of energy for

devices in demanding environments such as AMR utility metering. In conclusion,

this type of battery is a fantastic choice. The ER34615 Li-SOCl2 battery that

EVE employs has a high capacity, a low rate of self-discharge, and a wide

temperature range that it can operate in. Please visit our websites to learn

more about this product and something about Li-SOCl2 battery product!