A Look At The EVE ER14250 3.6V Battery

The EVE ER14250 3.6V battery is a type of lithium battery that is now used in several different applications. These applications include smart meters, smart life, and the ETC system. The battery has a capacity of 1200 mAh and operates at a voltage of 3.6 volts.

Application of the EVE ER14250 3.6V batteries

For smart meters and other Internet of Things devices, the EVE ER14250 3.6V battery is an essential component. It offers a stable and dependable source of power that may be put to use in a variety of applications, including smart life, ETC system, and others. The battery has a reduced rate of self-discharge, which allows for longer run times, in addition to its high energy density.

Benefits of EVE ER14250 3.6V batteries

1. They have a long lifespan - Because of their lifespan and number of discharge cycles, EVE ER14250 3.6V batteries can supply stable power for a considerable amount of time.

2. They have a low rate of self-discharge - Unlike standard alkline batteries, EVE ER14250 3.6V batteries do not gradually lose their capacity to store a charge as time passes owing to a phenomenon known as self-discharge. This indicates that they will be able to continue to provide power even after being stored for a significant amount of time without being put into use.

3. They are good for the environment - When compared to other types of batteries, EVE ER14250 3.6V batteries are good for the environment since they do not emit hazardous emissions when they are being used.

4. They are cost-effective - The EVE ER14250 3.6V battery has long-term use without being damage, and it can be used without requiring a great deal of maintenance.


Because EVE ER14250 3.6V batteries offer a longer runtime and more efficient charging, these batteries are capable of powering virtually any smart meter or device associated with the Internet of Things. Therefore, the EVE ER14250 3.6V is an excellent option for any dealer to go with.