A Brief Introduction To The 3-volt lithium battery CR123A From EVE

If you're looking for a low-cost, high-capacity battery option that's easy to find and use, the CR123A is a great choice. This battery is often used in electronic devices, including cameras and flashlights because it provides a long runtime with a small size. In this article, we'll give you a brief introduction to this battery and explain some of its features.

What is a EVE CR123A battery?

An EVE CR123A battery is a common lithium-ion battery used in many common consumer electronics items. These batteries are often found in cameras, smoke detectors, and other small electronic devices. The EVE CR123A is a button-sized battery that typically has 3 volts of power and can hold up to 2.6 watt-hours.

What are the benefits of using EVE CR123A batteries?

There are many benefits to using EVE CR123A batteries over other types of batteries. For one, EVE CR123A batteries are often cheaper than other types of batteries. Additionally, EVE CR123A batteries can be easily stored and transported, making them a good choice for use in small electronic devices. Another benefit of using EVE CR123A batteries is that they are capable of providing a high level of power for short periods of time.

The CR123A battery is a common choice for personal electronics, such as camcorders, digital cameras, and portable game devices. It has a number of benefits that make it an attractive option for these applications.

The CR123A battery is one of the typical types of disposable batteries still in use. This means that it is reliable and often has a longer shelf life than newer types of batteries.

Another benefit of the CR123A battery is its low cost. It is one of the least expensive types of disposable batteries available and can be found in a variety of stores.

CR123A battery has a low annual self-discharge self -discharge rate of < 1%. This means that it has as much capacity or run time as other options.


If you're looking for a battery that can be used in a variety of devices, the CR123A from EVE is an excellent option. This battery is common in many security cameras and other portable electronics, and it offers a high level of durability and performance. Thanks to its small size, this battery can also be easily incorporated into smaller devices. If you're looking for a versatile battery that can be used in a variety of applications, the CR123A from EVE is an excellent choice.